Adding a Document, Meeting, or Event

Note: Although this page documents how to add a document or meeting, the same process is used to add an Event, the only difference being that the Event category must be ticked instead.

To create a document or meeting, use the + New button on the editing toolbar and choose Post:

Choose the correct Categories for your new item, in this case, the item will be a Meeting:

If you’re uploading documents, you should also tick the Documents category. Once you’ve done that, the Documents area appears:

You can use the Add Row button (it may say Add File) to add a new document type.

Additionally, since in this case we’ve ticked the Meeting category, the Meeting area is also enabled:

You can now set the Meeting date/time and add any Documents that are available and set the title and content as shown on the Adding a News Item page, then click Publish when done.