Logging in to WordPress and editing existing pages

You log in to WordPress, the website’s content management system, by visiting https://www.bingham-tc.gov.uk/login/ and entering the credentials you’ve been given:

Once logged in, you’ll be taken to the Dashboard:

The Dashboard gives you access to all the content of the website. Note that you may see different items along the left hand side than are visible here.

At the top left corner of the Dashboard, this button takes you back to the website:

When you’re logged in, the website displays a toolbar along the top. You can navigate around the website as normal. If you wish to edit an existing page, or an existing news item, meeting, event or any other kind of content, use the Edit Post or Edit Page button, shown here:

If you want to get back to the Dashboard without editing a page, you can do so by clicking the “Bingham Town Council” button again:

When you’ve finished editing, log out using the menu on the right: