Source Code

We have some source code on GitHub:

  • WndLib is an easy to use wrapper around some of the GUI parts of Win32 (HWND, HFONT, HBITMAP, etc.). It makes it very easy to make very small, standalone executables for Windows desktop.
  • CocoaGame is a C library that provides window setup/teardown, video mode selection, input mapping and OpenGL set up for the Mac. It makes it very easy to get started on a C/C++ OpenGL project on the Mac without writing any Objective-C.
  • miniconv is a minimal replacement for the UNIX iconv API for platforms which don’t have it (i.e., games consoles). It supports UTF-8, 16, 32 and a bunch of common single-byte encodings.
  • MLAppKit is my Cocoa utility library. It contains a Mac style Preferences windows, a log window, an OpenGL view that supports MSAA and some utility classes.
  • CAOpenGLLayerMSAA demonstrates how you can mix OpenGL (with MSAA) with standard Cocoa UI controls by taking advantage of Core Animation.
  • blockgallery is a WordPress plugin to replace the default gallery with a lightbox powered one. I use it on this site.
  • wikkiv is a PHP-powered wiki server. I wrote it in 2006 for my personal website.
  • foldercomp is a Python tool for comparing folders. I use this on Windows, Mac and Linux.